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Alcoholic and slightly drug addicted Elizabeth Halsey, played by Cameron Diaz, sets her sights on her wealthy colleague Scott Delacorte, played by Cameron’s ex-BF Justin Timberlake, when her fiancĂ©e broke up with her. The catch is that Scott is sets his sights on their fellow colleague by the name of Amy Squirrel, played by the lovely Lucy Punch. In order to win the prize money for being the teacher of the class with the highest state score, she will do anything for her class just to get that high score (Changing her teaching techniques, blackmailing, and etc.) Join Elizabeth in her mischievous adventures in the comedy film “Bad Teacher”. Watch Bad Teacher Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Cameron Diaz ~ Elizabeth Halsey
Justin Timberlake ~ Scott Delacorte
Jason Segel ~ Russell Gettis
Lucy Punch ~ Amy Squirrell
John Michael Higgins ~ Wally Snur
Molly Shannon ~ Melody
Eric Stonestreet ~ Kirk
Jake Kasdan ~ Director
Columbia Pictures ~ Distributor

June 24, 2011 ~ Date of Release
92 minutes ~ Duration of Movie