Watch Captain America 2011

Back in 1941, Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) volunteered to enter the Captain America project after being rejected to be a normal soldier in World War 2. Gaining extreme human physical abilities, Steve Rogers now known as code name “Captain America” sets on a mission to stop the organization called HYDRA. What he did not expect is that the organization held their own experiments to produce a super soldier for the Nazi. Captain America during the mission encounters his mortal enemy by the name of Red Skull, HYDRA’s super soldier, where they did a life and death battle. Can Steve Rogers overcome his nemesis? Watch Captain America 2011 Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Chris Evans ~ Steve Rogers / Captain America
Hugo Weaving ~ Johann Schmidt / Red Skull
Tommy Lee Jones ~ Col. Chester Phillips
Dominic Cooper ~ Howard Stark
Neal McDonough ~ Dum Dum Dugan
Derek Luke ~ Gabe Jones
Stanley Tucci ~ Dr. Abraham Erskine
Joe Johnston ~ Director
Paramount Pictures ~ Distributor

July 22nd, 2011 ~ Date of Release
124 minutes ~ Duration of Movie