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Larry Crowne, a Navy Veteran, is fired from his job as a salesman at the big-box store regardless, of his tenure and experience in the store, because the management found out that he did have the college credentials that the management is looking for. Because of these events, his wife abandoned him and he finds out that it is hard to get a job without a proper college credentials. On the brink of bankruptcy, Larry enrolled in the local community college in order to have a better opportunity to land a job latter on. At school, he mingled with his much younger classmates just not to be out of place. What he didn’t know is that by going back to school, not only will he have better opportunities but also find the true love of his life in Mercedes Tainot, his teacher. Watch Larry Crowne Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Tom Hanks ~ Larry Crowne
Julia Roberts ~ Mercedes Tainot
Cedric the Entertainer ~ Lamar
Taraji Henson ~ B'Ella
Gugu Mbatha-Raw ~ Talia
Wilmer Valderrama ~ Dell Gordo
Bryan Cranston ~ Dean Tainot
Tom Hanks ~ Director
Universal Pictures ~ Distributor

July 1, 2011 ~ Date of Release
99 minutes ~ Duration of Movie