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Mitch Planko (played by Ryan Reynolds) is lazy self-employed who never wanted to take responsibility while his best friend Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) is successful lawyer and father of three. Both friends boast to each other that they have a better life than the other one but in reality they want each others life for themselves. Their came through when their bodies switched. Experiencing each others life, they learn to appreciate each others lifestyle. Can both friends return to their original bodies? Watch The Change Up Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Jason Bateman ~ Dave Lockwood
Ryan Reynolds ~ Mitch Planko
Alan Arkin ~ Mitch's Father
Sydney Rouviere ~ Cara Lockwood
Mircea Monroe ~ Tatiana
TJ Hassan ~ Kato
Leslie Mann ~ Jamie Lockwood

August 5, 2011 ~ Date of Release
English ~ Language