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Kathryn Bolkovac (played by multi award winner Rachel Weisz) endangers herself trying to unravel the ongoing human trafficking back up by high ranking officials from the U.S. government. She, at first, can’t believe the ongoing corruption, fraud, and etc in the war laden country of Bosnia. But upon careful investigation, she unravels the fraudulent officials behind this trade and she exposed them for the whole world to know. This Movie is a true to life events that happened during the post war Bosnia. After “The Whistleblower” exposed the corruption, the officials were dismissed but was failed to be prosecuted due to the immunity enjoyed by the officials in Bosnia. Watch The Whistleblower Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Rachel Weisz ~ Kathryn Bolkovac
David Strathairn ~ Peter Ward
Monica Bellucci ~ Laura Levin
Nikolaj Lie Kaas ~ Jan
Anna Anissimova ~ Zoe
David Hewlett ~ Fred Murray
William Hope ~ John Blakely
Larysa Kondracki ~ Director
Samuel Goldwyn Films ~ Distributor

August 5, 2011 ~ Date of Release
English ~ Language