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Long time Zookeeper Griffin Keyes (played by comedian Kevin James) wants to quit his day job after realizing that he is more sociable with animals than with the opposite sex. He wants to quit his job in order to pursue his dream girl but the animals in the have other idea. Not wanting their beloved zoo keeper to quit his job, they will do anything (revealing their secrets that they could talk and give their idea on how Griffin to win his mate). Will Griffin win his dream girl and at the same time keep his job as the Zookeeper?  Watch Zookeeper Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Kevin James ~ Griffin Keyes
Rosario Dawson ~ Kate
Leslie Bibb ~ Stephanie
Ken Jeong ~ Venom
Donnie Wahlberg ~ Shane
Joe Rogan ~ Gale
Thomas Gottschalk ~ Jurgen Mavroc
Frank Coraci ~ Director
Columbia Pictures & MGM ~ Distributors

July 8, 2011 ~ Date of Release
104 minutes ~ Duration of Movie