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Back in 1961 President John F. Kennedy sanctioned a mission to the moon to investigate a Cybertronian spacecraft which they cover their real intention by saying that they want to land man in the moon. In the present day, upon learning of man’s mission to the moon the autobots lead by their leader Optimus Prime made their own exploration. What they didn’t know is that their nemeses the Decepticons have already made their trip there and sets up a trap to lure their long time opponents. Upon learning of the tactics of the Decepticons, Sam Witwicky tries to warn his beloved autobots but was already to late as the latter was already captured by their nemeses. Can Sam make the difference in the war between Auto-Bots and Decepticons? Watch Transformers 3 Online Free

Cast & Credits:

Shia LaBeouf ~ Sam Witwicky
Josh Duhamel ~ Lt. Colonel William Lennox
John Turturro ~ Seymour Simmons
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ~ Carly Spencer
Patrick Dempsey ~ Dylan Gould
Kevin Dunn ~ Ron Witwicky
Julie White ~ Judy Witwicky
Michael Bay ~ Director
Paramount Pictures ~ Distributors

June 29, 2011 ~ Date of Release
155 minutes ~ Duration of Movie